What moissanite look the most diamond-like?

We get this question all the time as well, and the answer varies depending on the shape you are interested in. Deciding on the most diamond-like moissanite is also very subjective, and the final decision should be up to you on the moissanite you like best. In general, round hearts & arrows moissanite has the most diamond-like look because the ideal cut diamond has very standard proportions, which can be replicated in moissanite. There is no standard for fancy cut diamonds, and no ideal cut grade. Just the cushion cut alone has four completely different facet styles.

There is a distinct look to the trained eye between diamond and moissanite. However, because both stones look similar they are often compared. Some people enjoy the beauty of moissanite in itself, and some want the most diamond-like moissanite. Here is a list of our opinions on the most diamond-like moissanite. We have different recommendations depending on the shape of the center stone.

Most Diamond-Like Moissanite

Round - Charles & Colvard Forever One Colorless Hearts & Arrows 

Cushion Brilliant - Charles & Colvard Forever One Cushion

Cushion Hybrid/Modified Brilliant - Harro Gem Cushion Diamond Cut/Crushed Ice

Elongated Cushion - Charles & Colvard Elongated Cushion

Oval - Harro Gem Diamond Cut Oval

Radiant - Harro Gem Diamond Cut Radiant

Emerald - Harro Gem Emerald

Asscher - Charles & Colvard Forever One Asscher

Pear - Harro Gem Diamond Cut Pear

Marquise - Harro Gem Marquise

Princess - Charles & Colvard Princess


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