These are the materials we use to create our pieces.

14K - Solid 14K Rose, White or Yellow Gold. 58.5% Pure Gold and 41.5% Alloy.

18K - Solid 18K Rose, White or Yellow Gold. 75% Pure Gold and 25% Alloy.

Platinum - Solid Platinum. 95% Pure Platinum and 5% Alloy

Diamond - These are earth-mined diamonds that have been dug out of the earth, and are synonymous with “natural diamonds.” The name natural diamond is used to denote that they were formed in the earth naturally. Diamonds are available in a rainbow of color, however, colorless diamonds are the most popular.

Lab-Grown Diamond - These are diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory and have all the same properties as an earth-mined diamond. They can also be called man-made diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, they are just man-made. 

Moissanite - Although it is a naturally occurring mineral, the deposits are extremely scarce and small. This is why you will only find lab-grown moissanite sold in fine jewelry stores. Moissanite is silicon-carbide and is a completely different gemstone from a diamond. 

Sapphire - One of the four precious gemstones, and are a variety of corundum. Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colors and are also very durable. 

Lab-Grown Sapphire - Sapphires that are grown in a laboratory, and will have all the same properties as natural sapphires. 


Lab-Grown Emerald 


Lab-Grown Ruby 

Morganite - Typically a pink, purplish-pink, or peachy-pink variety of beryl. It is a very feminine color that looks amazing in rose gold.