Harro Gem Oval Diamond Cut Moissanite

Harro Gem Oval Brilliant Moissanite

Harro gem offers three different faceting styles for their oval moissanite: crushed ice, brilliant, and diamond cut.

The crushed ice is comprised of all modified facets which mean that the star facets of the stone's pavilion don't fully reach the girdle. This is what creates the "crushed ice," appearance. This produces shorter more glittery beams of light. This facet style tends to be the most "hazy," or "foggy," looking stone, but many people look more "diamond-like," due to the fact they don't have the signature moissanite fire and sparkle.

The brilliant-cut is comprised of the pavilion star facets all touching the girdle of the stone creating a more contrasty look similar to a round diamond. This produces longer beams of light, and have a more prominent flash. This tends to be the most brilliant and fiery stone and is made to make moissanite shine its best. This can be a drawback if your goal is to have a more diamond-like moissanite center stone. 

The diamond cut is a hybrid between these two options combining facets that are both modified and fully reaching the girdle of the stone. This creates a more balanced look between the crushed ice and the brilliant. The diamond cut is not quite as foggy as the crushed ice, but still has more depth to the stone than a brilliant cut. 

Deciding which facet style is best for you is a totally personal preference, and we recommend viewing each cut before making a decision for yourself. 



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