Jeweler's Mutual Insurance

Wear your jewelry worry-free with insurance from Jewelers Mutual Group, trusted for over 110 years.

What's Covered?

With a Jewelers Mutual policy, you get protection from almost every imaginable risk life may throw at your jewelry, typically for 1-2% of its value.

What will it cost me?

Insuring jewelry through Jewelers Mutual typically costs you 1-2% of the jewelry’s value, per year. 

There are multiple factors that determine the cost, including where you live. For example, take a look at these various locations and example premiums.


for a $5,000 ring in Dallas (75043) with a $100 deductible


for a $2,500 chain in Las Vegas (88901) with a $0 deductible


for a $3,000 bracelet in Chicago (60614) with a $0 deductible


for a $7,000 watch in Oakland (94577) with a $100 deductible


for a $5,000 ring in New York (10016) with a $100 deductible


for an $5,000 ring in Toledo (43460) with a $0 deductible


for an $2,500 watch in Orlando (32829) with a $0 deductible


for an $8,000 ring in Seattle (98107) with a $0 deductible

5 Risks of Relying on Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Jewelry
  1. Homeowner or renter insurance may not provide enough coverage for jewelry that is accidentally lost or damaged, including during worldwide travel.
  2. A typical homeowner policy could have a deductible of $500 and could only cover up to $1,500 of jewelry for certain types of losses. This could leave you with only $1,000 of coverage if you file a claim.
  3. Filing a jewelry claim could raise the premium, or in some cases, cancel/non-renew your entire homeowner policy.
  4. In the event of a claim, some homeowner insurance policies require you to work directly with a designated jeweler in their network, not your jeweler of choice.
  5. Home insurance companies may be experts at insuring homes, but protecting jewelry isn’t always their specialty.

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