How Do I Choose The Right Band Width For My Engagement Ring?

How Do I Choose The Right Band Width For My Engagement Ring?

One of the factors to think about when buying an engagement ring is band width. It is often a factor that can be overlooked, but an important factor that can affect the overall look and care of your engagement ring. There is no standard band width, as it is a feature completely based on personal preference and lifestyle. In order to help you pick the band width that’s right for you, keep reading to discover the pros and cons of dainty vs. heavier rings, lifestyle factors that are important to keep in mind, as well as the care and maintenance to expect. 

Engagement Ring Band Width comparison

Pros & Cons of a Dainty Ring (Anything under 2mm)


  • In style and on-trend
  • Lightweight, feminine look
  • Can make your center stone appear larger
  • Preferable to those who would like to stack rings 
  • Great for people with larger knuckles
  • Slimmer fitting bands are usually more comfortable for people who are sensitive to the feeling of a ring between their fingers


  • More susceptible to bending and losing its circular shape
  • Can wear down more quickly over time
  • Needs greater care while wearing the ring
  • Extra thin bands can’t withstand more complex setting details 

Pros & Cons of a Wider Band (2mm and above) 


  • More sturdy and durable
  • Larger prongs hold side diamonds more securely
  • Wider bands can be made in a larger variety of metals (ex. Platinum or White Gold) 
  • Band can appear sparklier due to larger side diamonds


  • A wider band can make the center stone look smaller
  • Metal may be more noticeable between side diamonds 
  • Too wide of a band can feel uncomfortable to some
  • Will naturally fit tighter than a thinner ring

Factors To Consider

Lifestyle Factors & Duration of Wear 

  1. How active are you with your hands?
  2. Do you plan on taking your rings off often? Or always keeping them on?
  3. Are you used to wearing jewelry? 

Care and Maintenance of a Dainty Ring

  • Bring your ring to us to get it checked at least twice a year
    • This process is always free, and you can bring your ring to us as often as you would like
  • Take it off during strenuous activities (ex. Heavy lifting, cleaning, exercising, showering, etc) 
  • Get in the habit of checking your diamonds on your own to be preventative. This can be done by running your nail across the top of the stones and looking for movement. If any stones are loose, you can always bring it in to be tightened. 
  • Purchase a Jeweler’s Mutual Lifetime Care Plan
    • The plan works to cover any repairs necessary for the lifetime of your jewelry. 
    • This plan will cover any repairs, sizing, maintenance, and shipping required when your jewelry needs service from our store for the lifetime of the ring. 
    • The program maxes out once you reach the total value of the piece in repairs, which is typically the life of the ring.

Care and Maintenance of Wider Rings 

  • Everything discussed above regarding the care and maintenance of a dainty ring still applies, but just not as strictly 


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