How often should I have my rings cleaned?

How often should I have my rings cleaned?

There are different amounts of care necessary, depending on how frequently you are wearing a piece of jewelry. 

Wearing rings every day - You should clean your rings at home or professionally cleaned at least once a week. We offer a complimentary ring cleaning service every day for free, and it just takes a few minutes, depending on the condition of the ring. Keep in mind that wearing your jewelry every day is like wearing the same outfit every day and stuff builds up on your jewelry, especially the rings on your hands. Dead skin, soap, dirt, and other things can get into your rings and stay pressed against your skin, which can cause rashes. To prevent skin rashes or itchiness, make sure to keep your rings clean. 

Wearing rings for special occasions - You should have your rings professionally checked and cleaned at least once a year. These pieces are typically only worn a handful of times each year for special events and outings. They won't receive as much wear and tear, and in turn, don't need as much maintenance. 

    The example of the ring below is a ring that has been worn nearly every day for six months with no cleaning. 

    when does my ring need to be cleaned


    how often should I clean my ring?


    How often should I rhodium plate my rings?

    Rhodium plating is a cosmetic process done to 14K and 18K White to give it a bright white finish like platinum. Because no gold comes white naturally, the gold needs to be mixed with other alloys to bleach the metal. To bleach gold, the karat needs to be 18K or below. This is why there is no 950 White Gold or 24K White Gold. White gold will be a whitish-yellow color and not pure white. It is standard in fine jewelry to rhodium plate white gold pieces to give it the bright white finish. Over time the rhodium will wear, and your white gold jewelry will need to be re-plated. 

    Wearing rings every day - Your rings may need to be rhodium plated once every six months to once a year. 

    Wearing rings for special occasions - Your ring may need to rhodium plated every 2-3 years. 

      rhodium before and after

      On our website, we rate the necessary care of pieces on a scale of low, medium, and high. The ratings are based on the design of the ring and the frequency of everyday wear. You can learn more about the care necessary for your jewelry and how frequently your pieces should be cleaned. 

      If you have any questions about care, please comment below or email us! 



      • Sarah on

        It may and may not be depending on the case. The black residue under the ring is a build-up of soap, dead skin, and other things held under the ring against your finger. The build-up may cause rashes to occur or itchiness. It is best to clean this area to prevent any discomfort. However, some people can go quite a while with their rings like this without experiencing any skin issues. It depends on you.

      • Rachel Martinez on

        is it really that bad that my rings start get to black like in the pictures shown?

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