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Oval Cut Diamonds

At Princess Bride Diamonds, we provide the highest quality diamonds at the most affordable prices! The Oval Cut diamond is a rare and unique diamond shape featuring 56 facets, it’s a popular choice for diamond engagement rings. These luminous gems are different from your day to day diamond shapes as they combine the sparkle of the elongated shape of a marquise cut with the brilliance of the classic round cut. The shape is cut into a perfectly symmetrical design. Oval cut diamonds possess the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond which makes it an ideal choice for individuals that like round diamonds, but want something more unique. The oval diamond is also popular for is slender design, which accentuates the wearer's finger to appear divine and slim.
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0.51 Carat H-VS2 Oval Brilliant Diamond



0.75 Carat F-VS1 Oval Brilliant Diamond



0.93 Carat E-VS1 Oval Brilliant Diamond



1.00 Carat E-SI1 Oval Brilliant Diamond



1.01 Carat E-SI2 Oval Brilliant Diamond