If your ring is too big or too small we can definitely help re-size your ring for you! Every ring purchased from our store comes with one free sizing within the first year.
How to get your ring re-sized:
  1. Contact us by email or text to let us know you need your ring re-sized. One of our team members will then reach out to you to make an appointment with our jeweler.
  2. If you can bring your ring in locally, you will then just bring your ring in for your sizing appointment which takes about an hour to have done.
  3. If you live long-distance you will need to ship your ring to us before your appointment. You may choose your own courier or purchase a label through our store.
  4. Once your ring is on hand for your appointment we will complete the sizing in about an hour.
  5. After completion of the sizing you can pick-up your ring in-store or we can ship it back to you.
To get the appropriate size we need to size your ring to, we highly recommend visiting a local jeweler near you to be professionally sized.

If you chose the 100% Eternity style option for your ring, we are not able to re-size your ring.
The client is responsible for shipping costs to our store or round trip if necessary.

Link to purchase a round-trip shipping labels for shipping to and from us.

Link to a one-way shipping label, and you'll ship to us and pick the repair up in-store.

International clients are responsible for all shipping charges as well as customs and duties fees.