Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

Determining the correct ring size is a crucial step when planning to buy an engagement ring. An ill-fitting ring can cause discomfort and risk of loss. Here are some methods and tips to determine the ring size accurately:

Things to Remember:

  • The size of a person’s fingers can change throughout the day due to weather, diet, activity, and more. Try to measure the finger at a few different points in the day for the most accurate size.
  • The ring should fit snugly on the finger but still slide on and off relatively easily. If it's too tight, it could cut off circulation, but if it's too loose, it could slide off and get lost.
  • If in doubt, it's often better to err on the larger side. A ring that's too small may not go past the knuckle during the proposal, which can interrupt a moment that's ideally smooth and romantic. Having a ring that's a bit too large is generally less problematic. It will still be able to slide onto the finger during the proposal, and you can then have it resized for a perfect fit afterwards.

How to get your ring resized:

1. Contact Us:

Reach out to us by email or text to inform us that you need your ring resized. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to schedule an appointment with our jeweler.

2. Ring Handover:

If you're local, you can simply bring your ring in for your appointment. The resizing process usually takes about an hour. If you're not local, you'll need to ship your ring to us in advance of your appointment. You can choose to use your own courier service or purchase a shipping label through our store.

3. Resizing Process:

Once we have your ring, we'll resize it during your scheduled appointment, a process that typically takes about an hour.

4. Collection or Delivery:

After we've resized your ring, you can either pick it up from our store or we can ship it back to you.

Important Information About Shipping Costs

The client is responsible for all shipping costs. This includes the cost of shipping the ring to our store and, if necessary, the return shipping costs.

Here are some helpful links:

Please note that international clients are responsible for all shipping charges, as well as any customs and duties fees that may apply.