How to package your return

To ship your item:
  1. Place the goods in a new small or medium box provided by the carrier, secure the item in the box with padding. Insert this small or medium box into a new medium or large carrier box. Tape both ends of the box with clear packaging tape. If you are not using the carrier's box, be sure to use new packaging only and always double the box. Small jewelry boxes and/padded paks, or envelopes are not considered boxes.
  2. Place the inner security label on the inside box and the outer address label with the barcode on the outer box. If you are not using an adhesive label for the outer label, firmly adhere the actual label to the outer box using clear packaging tape so that it cannot be removed or fall off easily.
  3. Tender this package to staffed carrier personnel only.  Do not tender to "authorized" third-party affiliates of the carrier.