What is HCA?

What is HCA?

The HCA is an acronym for, Holloway Cut Advisor. This tool was developed to help consumers determine the fire, scintillation, and brilliance for round diamonds.

The HCA takes into account a diamond’s: depth, table, crown and pavilion and gives you a score of 0-10. Most people look for stones that score 1-2, or even excellent stones that have Hearts & Arrows symmetry with scores up to a 3.0. Zero is almost impossible since many performance factors conflict.

Holloway Cut AdvisorGIA Dossier

Diamond with 1.1 HCA Score

The HCA tool is a great way to help shoppers interested in refining and narrowing their search of round diamonds with the best light performance.

On our website, we label round diamonds as “Ideal,” when they have a triple excellent grade from GIA, have an HCA score between 1-2, and don’t have inclusions that affect appearance. This makes it easy to shop through our diamonds if you are looking for the best light performance possible.

Always remember that the HCA tool is a basic guideline to help you narrow options and you should use your eyes to make the final decision.

Here is the HCA Tool to help find your round diamond!

Just look at your diamond's GIA certificate and get the depth, table, crown and pavilion. Enter these numbers into the HCA calculator and you will receive the diamond's score. 

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