Diamond Carat

Diamond Carat

The basics of carat weight, and how to understands it when shopping for your diamond.

General Facts

  • Carat is one of the 4 Cs
  • Carat is commonly the most prioritized C because it is the easiest to see visually
  • Carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds and gemstones
  • One carat is equivalent to 200mg, which is about the weight of a dollar bill
  • Each carat can be divided into 100 points
  • When a diamond is under one carat, we will typically describe the weight in points
  • For example, a half carat diamond may also be called a 50 pointer
  • When a diamond is over one carat, it will commonly be described in carats and decimals
  • For example, a one and half carat diamond can be called a one-point fifty carat


  • Carat will have the largest influence on price
  • As the diamond’s carat weight increases, the price per carat also increases

Premium vs Shy Carats

  • Premium Carats are the most desireable carat weights such as 0.50ct, 0.90ct, 1.00ct, 1.50ct, 2.00ct, 2.50ct and above
  • Although these are the most desirable weights, diamonds can fall at any carat weight
  • Shy Carats are diamonds that weigh just under the premium carat weights.
  • Visually, many of these diamonds will look the same as their premium counterparts, but the shy carat will save you more money
  • How? Although the carat is a unit of weight, each diamond is cut individually and their measurements will vary
  • By shopping for diamonds that are just under the premium carat weights, you will save money

Cool Fact

    • The modern carat system started with the carob seed. Early gem traders used the small, uniform seeds as counterweights in their balance scales. The carat is the same gram weight in every corner of the world.


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