5 Reasons Why People Love Moissanite

Depending on your personal preferences, a moissanite, or an alternate center stone to diamond may be more suitable to your personal tastes. We have seen a growing trend in women loving the look of the Moissanite, but not just any Moissanite, the Forever One Moissanite. What has made moissanite unpopular in the past has been resolved by the creation of the Forever One. The Forever One Moissanite is now made COLORLESS! Yes, colorless, that means D-F in color, the exact equivalent as a colorless diamond. The one thing we all wished moissanites could be in the past has now finally happened. Aside from the color, there are many other reasons why Moissanite is a great choice for a center stone. Check out the list below and let me know what you think about using a Moissanite for an engagement ring! 

  1. A hardness of 9.25 - this makes Moissanite very durable and scratch resistant, even more so than a sapphire or ruby! 
  2. Completely Conflict Free - every Moissanite we carry is lab created to be guaranteed conflict free
  3. Refractive Index of 2.65! - a diamond has a refractive index of 2.42, so a moissanite's refractive index translates into more sparkle! 
  4. Forever One Moissanite is Colorless - the majority of moissanite available today are near colorless or contain more yellow. Our Forever One Moissanites are D-F in color and eye plus loupe clean. 
  5. The Price - the cost of a Moissanite will be a fraction of a diamond. For a 2ct size Moissanite, you are looking to spend about $1829 for D-F color and close to VS1 or better clarity. For a diamond with similar characteristics, you will easily spend $20k+

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