HPHT 2.16 Carat D-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond
HPHT 2.16 Carat D-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond
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HPHT 2.16 Carat D-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond HPHT 2.16 Carat D-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond https://youtu.be/hRanZ9y4whY

HPHT 2.16 Carat D-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond



Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds; they are just man-made. Over the course of 60 years with incredible advancements in technology, scientists are now able to replicate the same conditions natural diamonds go through underneath the earth's crust in a laboratory. Because diamonds are grown with the same conditions in nature, they still vary in color and clarity. There are two common ways to grow lab diamonds, one is High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) and the second is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). 

The HPHT method, first used to successfully grow diamonds by General Electric in 1954, essentially mimics the natural process - carbon is crystallized as diamond through intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth. The HPHT process is very costly, given the energy and equipment required, and produces diamonds with mainly yellowish or brownish-yellow colors.

The CVD method is much less costly than the because it works at moderate temperatures and low pressure, which requires smaller and less expensive equipment. Because the vacuum chamber contains only carbon and some hydrogen, colorless crystals can be grown. If nitrogen or boron is introduced into the chamber, yellow or blue synthetic diamond crystals can be produced.

The primary reason people started researching how to create diamonds was for high-tech applications such as prosthetic joints, abrasives, heat sinks, medical tools, and many more potential future uses. In modern culture, lab-grown diamonds are now very popular for engagement rings as an earth friendly and gemstone option. Lab created diamonds do not contribute to new mining and are a 100% conflict free choice. When you purchase a lab-grown diamond, you are investing in the future of humanity and the earth. Your purchase of a lab-grown diamond directly funds research and development efforts to improve the use and efficiency of lab-grown diamonds, while deterring diamond mining, and the use of conflict diamonds. 



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