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This is a listing to purchase a 2-Day FedEx Shipping Label

  • Input the original buyer's name for the item(s) being shipped back
  • Select the services needed
  • Once purchased one of our team members will make the shipping label for you and email it.
  • 2-Day Shipping within the Domestic US
  • 100% Insurance Coverage
  • Only for returns in the Domestic US



If your ring is too big or too small we can definitely help re-size your ring for you! Every ring purchased from our store comes with one free sizing within the first year.
How to get your ring re-sized:
  1. Contact us by email or text to let us know you need your ring re-sized. One of our team members will then reach out to you to make an appointment with our jeweler.
  2. If you can bring your ring in locally, you will then just bring your ring in for your sizing appointment which takes about an hour to have done.
  3. If you live long-distance you will need to ship your ring to us before your appointment. You may choose your own courier or purchase a label through our store.
  4. Once your ring is on hand for your appointment we will complete the sizing in about an hour.
  5. After completion of the sizing you can pick-up your ring in-store or we can ship it back to you.
To get the appropriate size we need to size your ring to, we highly recommend visiting a local jeweler near you to be professionally sized.
We only offer whole and half sizes on our website. If you would prefer a quarter size measurement, just email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you chose the 100% Eternity style option for your ring, we are not able to re-size your ring.
The client is responsible for shipping costs to our store, and we will take care of the return shipping back to you. International clients are responsible for all shipping charges as well as customs and duties fees.


I accidentally damaged my jewelry! What do I do?

Don’t worry. We’re here to take care of you! We can repair any piece you purchased from our collection, and we stand by our work.

We’re proud to provide our limited lifetime warranty, JM Lifetime Care Plan, and Jeweler's Mutual Insurance for our clients to protect your important purchase.

How to get your jewelry repaired:

  1. Contact us by email or text to let us know you need your jewelry repaired.
  2. After getting in contact with us you can bring your ring in locally or if you live long-distance you may ship your ring to us. When your ring is in-store we will assess what needs to be done.
  3. Once the evaluation is done we will send you a breakdown of the necessary repairs. If there are any repairs needed outside of our normal warranty we'll let you know before we start the work. If you purchased the JM Lifetime Care Plan or Jeweler's Mutual Insurance any repair costs outside of our normal warranty may be included for you.
  4. When the repairs are agreed upon we will schedule your repair appointment.
  5. Once the repairs are completed you may pick your piece up in-store or we can ship your jewelry back to you.

You can even bring in-store or mail us your jewelry for a FREE thorough cleaning and inspection!

Jewelry Care

Every piece of jewelry will require care and maintenance over time. Gold, platinum, diamonds, and other fine jewelry materials are very durable, but are not indestructible. Everyone wears their jewelry differently and depending on the design of the piece there may be more or less maintenance required.

To keep your jewelry in the best condition possible we recommend the following:

  • Remove jewelry before housework, heavy lifting, exercising, before sleeping, outdoor work, showering, bathing, or swimming.
  • Remove jewelry if it could be exposed to chemicals of any kind. Cleaning chemicals, lotions, soaps, makeup, and perfume.
  • Cleaning jewelry on a weekly basis with warm water, dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush. You may also bring it in to us to be professionally cleaned! We offer complimentary cleaning, check-ups, and prong re-tightening anytime.

We rank our engagement rings and fine jewelry's attention for care and maintenance on a scale of low, medium and high. This will help give you an idea of what ring styles will work best for your lifestyle, or help understand the maintenance required for the piece.

  • Low - an easy to maintain style and that you should have checked at least once a year. These are typically pieces with no or very little side stones set into the piece.
  • Medium - you should have this style checked at least once every 6 months. Typical medium care pieces include dainty styles, such as rings under 2mm or rings with french pave stones.
  • High - These types of styles take more work to maintain and you should have this style checked at least once every 3 months. Pieces in this category can be 3D Pave pieces, eternity rings, and other pieces where there is very little metal to show off the stones.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
All of our jewelry comes standard with a limited lifetime service warranty. We cover replacing loss of side diamonds, one free polishing or rhodium, and one free sizing within the first year. You will get free cleanings and check-ups, as well as prong re-tightening for a lifetime.
We also offer additional plans through Jewelers Mutual. There is the JM lifetime care plan and Jewelers Mutual Insurance for more extensive coverage.
  • If the ring is repaired on by another jeweler we cannot warranty their work and your warranty is void. However we can still help with future repairs.
  • We do not cover the loss of center stones or stones that are valued at $500 or more.
  • We do not cover ring replacement if the entire ring is lost or stolen.
  • US clients are responsible for shipping costs to our store, and we will ship back to them for free.
  • International clients are responsible for shipping and custom costs to and from our store. Please check with your local customs office to see what the the cost of duties will be.
JM Lifetime Care Plan

The JM lifetime care plan will cover any repairs needed for your jewelry up to its value. This means if you purchase a piece of jewelry that is $1000, and the JM lifetime care plan to go with it, you will have up to $1000 worth of repairs to use on your piece. This plan covers replacement of lost side diamonds, re-sizing, re-shanking, polishing, rhodium platings, re-building prongs, shipping, and more. This plan must be purchased before your piece of jewelry leaves the store, and does not cover if the whole ring is lost or stolen. To purchase this plan it is a one time payment and varies depending on the price of the item you would like to buy the plan for. You can see the tier list of prices here.

Jeweler's Mutual Insurance

The Jewelers Mutual Insurance covers the replacement of your ring in the event it is ever lost or stolen. They also cover against damage to your ring, and loss or theft during worldwide travel. They do not cover cosmetic repairs like polishing or rhodium platings. The insurance is a yearly subscription service and can be started or stopped at anytime. Typically the cost is 1-2% of the appraised value per year. You can get a free quote for the insurance here.

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Lifetime Care Plan

This plan will cover any repairs, sizing, maintenance, and shipping required when your jewelry needs service from our store for the lifetime of the piece of jewelry.

Lifetime Care Plan
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