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1.21 Carat F-VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond

1.21 Carat F-VS2 Premium Round Brilliant Diamond
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1.21 Carat F-VS2 Premium Round Brilliant Diamond 1.21 Carat F-VS2 Premium Round Brilliant Diamond

Designer: Princess Bride Diamonds


Custom Designed Pieces Typically Take 2-4 Weeks to Finish

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape at Princess Bride Diamonds. The round is timeless, classic, versatile, and has graced the fingers of many amazing individuals. Not only is the round faceted to be the most brilliant, but it also serves as a beautiful symbol of forever between two people. Its proportions have been engineered for greatness so that it expels the optimum amount of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. The standard for cutting round diamonds has been perfected over the years, unlike any other shape. These standard specifications allow us to use a variety of unique tools to further study the refractive properties of each round diamond such as: Hearts & Arrows Scope, ASET, Ideal scope, and Holloway Cut Advisor Score (HCA). You will find each of these tools alongside each of our round diamonds.

When selecting a round diamond, we recommend prioritizing the diamond's cut. Nearly all the light that enters a properly cut round diamond should be refracted back out. The cut of a round diamond will not only improve its brilliancy, but also the diamond's overall table size, color, and clarity. A round diamond with an exceptional cut ensures that the diamond’s weight is being maximized in relation to its table surface area. This will allow it to return more light making it look brighter and help camouflage inclusions.  

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