Princess Bride Diamonds buys gold and diamonds


Princess Bride Diamonds offers you the opportunity to sell your old diamonds and diamond jewelry at competitive prices in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Having been in business for over 40 years, we are happy to share our extensive knowledge about diamonds and jewelry with you. Because of specialty, we have current market knowledge of diamond and precious metal prices and will be able to offer you the best deal we can for your diamonds and jewelry. We purchase antique jewelry, gold, platinum and loose diamonds. As a licensed second hand dealer we want to offer you the best prompt, honest, and forthright manner. We always welcome you to our showroom where we can meet you in person and carefully evaluate what you would like to sell. We encourage you to bring any appraisal, certificate, or paperwork associated with your piece to make the entire process as transparent as possible. Princess Bride Diamonds makes sure to deal with each person on a personalized, individual basis. A the owner or one of our jewelry specialists will carefully inspect your pieces, and share with you any information and opinions we have regarding your piece. Once this discussion is complete, we will offer you a price that is completely up to the seller’s discretion to accept or reject. Be assured that any meeting with us is no obligation to you, the seller. You will never be pressured to sell and will only do so if you are completely comfortable and satisfied with the service and price you are receiving. We strive to make all transactions as instructive, secure, and mutually beneficial as possible for all parties involved.