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Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Radiant cut diamond has made its mark in the enchanting diamond world because of its ability to combine the fire and flash appearance of a brilliant cut with the elegant and edged look of an emerald cut. The Radiant is one of the few square cuts that can maintain the dynamic illumination of the Brilliant cut. The Radiant cut consists of 70 facets and typically has a deep and extensive pavilion (the diamond’s underside), in order to give the radiant its signature flash. The Radiant is similar to the Princess Cut in that they both display breathtaking brilliance, the difference is that the Princess cut has sharp corners while the Radiant is cut with truncated corners. The truncated corners are a positive in the sense that the diamond becomes less likely to chip. The radiant has a varying length/width ratio from around 1-1.5, so radiants can be both square and rectangular shaped. The Radiant cut has a wide face, which, if the diamond is of high clarity, emphasizes the diamond’s beauty tremendously. If the Radiant cut has many impurities and is of low clarity, then it the impurities will be more easily visible because of its large face. The Radiant does not face as big of a challenge in clarity compared to a Emerald or Asscher cut however, which have less faucets and less brilliance and therefore are slightly more susceptible to clarity problems. Overall the Radiant is a great choice if you are looking for a square or rectangular cut that can present a magnificent fiery look.
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1.02 Carat E-VS2 Radiant Diamond



1.70 Carat E VS1 Premium Ideal Radiant Cut Diamond



1.73 Carat F VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond



2.01 Carat F SI1 Radiant Cut Diamond