Dalila Cushion Engagement Ring

Dalila Cushion Engagement Ring




Set in 14 karat white gold, this decadent double-halo engagement ring is sure to entice and delight for generations on end. The light strikes it in such a way that the spectacular 2.01 carat cushion cut diamond dances with glee at the slightest movement of your finger. There’s no need for a band with this beauty either since it’s got enough width and pizazz for several rings combined. Every time you look at this ring you can find something different about it hidden amongst the swooping curves and detailed engraving all along this luscious adornment.

Beware though: wearing this ring will set a very high standard for all in your social circle! Your girlfriends will be begging their boyfriends to match or outdo your masterful matrimonial maneuver. Much to their chagrin, they will find that they can’t quite hold a candle to this one of a kind engagement ring.

  • 14K White Gold
  • Center Diamond 
    • Carat: 2.01ct
    • Color: D
    • Clarity: SI2
    • Shape: Cushion Modified Brilliant
    • 6.95x6.84x4.74 mm
    • Depth: 69.3%
    • Table: 62%
    • Girdle: Slightly Thick to Very Thick, Faceted
    • Culet: None
  • 0.88 carats of side diamonds D-F, SI

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