Harro Gem

Harro Gem is a premium moissanite made from silicon carbide, the same material as the Forever One by Charles & Colvard. However, not all moissanite is created equal. Just like diamonds have the 4 C's, moissanite can also vary in color, clarity, cut, and carat; Harro Gem has one more C up its sleeve: Choice. Colorless moissanite typically comes in common shapes, such as round, square, cushion, and oval. Just for the round cut alone, Harro Gem has a variety of different cuts, such as the Hearts & Arrows, Belgium cut, 100 Facet Starburst, Old European Cut, Jubilee Cut, and Rose Cut. The cushion can be made in a pillow cut (rectangular), Jubilee cushion cut, Hearts & Arrows, or Old Mine Cut. You can even order a cushion and oval with either a brilliant cut or a crushed ice cut.
If there is a shape that we don't have in stock, we can custom cut a moissanite stone just for you. Are you looking for a pair of colorless trapezoid side stones to go with your 5 carat emerald Harro Gem centre stone? Do you need an 8.25mm Old European Cut to fit an antique ring, while every other moissanite provider is either cutting an 8mm or an 8.5mm? Maybe you found the perfect stone somewhere else but have been on their wait list for over a month with no indication as to when you will receive the stone. Whatever the case may be, we will have the perfect solution to meet all your unique gemstone needs. That's the beauty of choice!
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