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Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond is distinct, elegant, and boasts an unmatched vintage look. The emerald cut is shaped much differently than other diamonds. The cut is originally designed for emerald gems, hence the name. It became a popular for many other gemstones including diamonds and is considered a versatile cut. Most diamonds are brilliant cut, which creates sparkle and brilliance, but Emerald diamonds are uniquely step cut. This creates flashes of light known as the hall of mirrors effect. It’s a beautiful illusion that creates broad flashes of white light to contrast the dark planes within each step. Despite being a step cut diamond, the corner edges of a well cut emerald diamond should still have sparkle. Here at Princess Bride Diamonds we carry only the best emerald cut diamonds! The advantages of a emerald cut diamond are as follows; emerald cut diamonds have tapered edges, this gives them adequate security in a setting as well as making them less prone to chipping or catching onto clothes and hair. Emerald cut diamonds are much more affordable than other cuts as well, given the same carat, clarity and color. Despite being rarer than other cuts, there is simply less demand. Lastly emerald cut diamonds appear much larger than other diamond cuts given the same carat weight, because of its shallow depth. A one carat emerald cut will appear larger than a one carat brilliant cut, for example. Our diamond experts at Princess Bride Diamonds have advanced knowledge on the emerald cut as well as all other cuts, give us a call or come in and visit for any questions or help!


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1.03 Carat D-VS1 Emerald Cut Diamond



2.01 Carat F VS2 Emerald Cut Diamond



2.78 Carat E VS1 Emerald Cut Diamond