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I met my husband on a blind date...a set up.  I almost feel that a set up blind date is almost unheard of nowadays with the age of on-line dating.  On our first meeting, I felt so comfortable talking with him, I knew that I had met a new best friend.  A few weeks later, after returning from a trip from Europe, we went on a second date and I realized I kind of liked him.  Third date, I knew he was the one!  So after seven months of dating, we finally decided to go ring shopping.  It was a half joke, half serious adventure as we both felt 7 months was so early in the relationship, yet we both knew marriage was what we wanted.  The very first ring I put on my finger was the one that will be on my finger forever!  After looking at lots of rings and waiting what felt like a million years (15 months to be exact), Ronny finally proposed.  I bought a house and we were moving in together.  It was moving day and Ronny prepped me with plans of a big romantic dinner later that night.  But before we started moving our stuff in, he wanted to go for an early morning walk on the beach (something we did regularly).   He was acting weird and kept talking.  A Lot!  When I tried to walk on his left side he quickly told me to walk on his right, it was "how he liked walking next to me."  Going on the furthest walk we had been on, I knew he was going to had to explain why he was acting so odd.  Finally, he put his arm around me and had a box in his hand.  Naturally, I couldn't believe this was THE moment, so I told myself they were earrings.  Ronny got down on his knee and opened up the ring box and gave me a proposal that will always be in my heart.  After hugging and crying, he asked if I would say yes.  I guess my smile and tears were not a dead give away, but I said yes and I had the fiance and ring of my dreams!  Five and a half years later, I still look at my ring with all of those memories and the ones we've made since then.  My best friend and I share a wonderful life and two gorgeous children.  One day, my daughter will get my ring and I know her daddy will be buying her lots of jewelry in her future! 


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