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It all started with my coworker asking me to help with a project for his photography class. He had a plan to take pictures at a park of various people wearing different outfits-My outfit was semi-dressy/professional. My friend picks me up in the morning and brings his classmate with him who is also one of his 'models'. Once at the park, we begin with me awkwardly posing for photos, trying to look 'natural' while having wind blown in my hair. Then 15 minutes into our photo shoot he hands me a book to hold as a prop and asks me to pretend to read it. So I open the book and it's a collage of photos with me, Jay, and our friends. At first, I thought Oh, he's so nice surprising me with a photo book, it must be an early Christmas present! But as I continued to flip the pages, I realized it was a storybook Jay had written and put together about trying to get this Ring box open that wouldn't budge! That's when I looked up and saw him walking down the path towards me and I was just so surprised that he was able to trick me! I'm usually very hard to surprise. Then he got down on one knee with a gorgeous custom designed ring by PBD and I ecstatically said YES!  Thank you again to everyone at Princess Bride Diamonds! I absolutely love my ring!

Thanks again  :)

I'll be back this summer when I officially finish grad school and move back to CA this August! :D

Jay and I will have to start thinking about our wedding bands once I'm back!





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