Carly & Anthony

Proposal Story- Anthony Osorio and Carly Earlywine

            Early October of 2016, Anthony had asked me to help him plan a birthday party for himself.  I thought this was a little silly, considering that 22 years is not that significant of a birth year.  But Anthony reassured me that it was more than just a birthday party, rather it was a celebration of his new job promotion.  So I was on board!  I helped him select a restaurant, pick the menu items, invite the guests, and coordinate all that goes into throwing a gathering.  Little did I know, I was planning my own engagement party.  So the day came, December 2nd, 2016, Anthony informed me that he was pretty busy with work that day and that he wouldn’t be able to see me until later once he picked me up for his birthday/promotion party.  In the meantime, I went shopping with my mom and picked out a beautiful red dress, and got my nails done per Anthony’s suggestion. Hmm, in hindsight this is all making sense.

            The car ride to Mizu, our dinner destination, was so much fun.  Anthony was singing loud and just being the silly, light-hearted kind of guy he typically is.  However, things changed once we got to the restaurant and seated in the beautiful, private, all glass dining area.  Anthony’s demeanor changed drastically.  He seemed a little nervous and unsettled.   After all our guests had arrived, Anthony began to thank everyone for coming and sharing how grateful he is for their continued support and love.  Towards the end of his toast, he began to speak to me.  He brought back memories of our first date, our first conversation that we ever had where I told him that I was pursuing a relationship with Christ and that if he wasn’t, then I’d take the free dinner but I wasn’t interested after that.  This conversation was the catalyst for Anthony’s life.  He ultimately told me that no other birthday present could compare to having me by his side, the rest of our lives.  Anthony then got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage! Emotions flooded the table.  I was so so excited and happy.  My heart was beating out of my chest and of course, I said yes!

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