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Brianna & Drake

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Drake proposed to me February 27th 2017.


It all started out with my friend Taylor, who is engaged, asking me to go with her to pick up her wedding dress in LA because it was ready. She told me this crazy story that her and her maid of honor got in a huge fight and she is no longer her maid of honor so she needed someone to go with her to pick up her wedding dress. I'm one of her bridesmaids so I thought, of course, I'll go! Little did I know the whole story was a cover up! We arrived in LA and she told me we couldn't get the dress till around 6 because that's when all the appointments were done and over with so we would just stop by quick. We parked and she told me the shop was right around the corner. We walked around a couple blocks and walked up to the LACMA museum in LA. I remember I had been there before and she said that we should cut through there because it was a shortcut to the bridal shop. I suggested we should take pictures at the lights and she agreed. As we were walking up there was lots of people and thanks to my glasses being on I could see a lot better. I noticed there was one row of lights that was empty with people expect one solo man standing at the end of the row. I could only see the back of his head and I remember saying to myself "that looks like Drake...he has the same vans as Drake". That's when everything clicked! I guess Taylor must have been watching the expression on my face because when I turned over to her she simply said "you should take your glasses off" and that's when I knew it was about to go down! I walked up and my heart was pounding! It felt like a scene out of a movie! I knew there was people all around but I could only see and hear Drake. He had flowers and a handmade sign for me. He also made me necklaces with keys on them and said I "had the keys to his heart". Drake said he couldn't imagine his life without me and dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed with joy I couldn't help but cry! It was an amazing proposal and huge step for Drake and I. I will always remember every sweet moment!


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