Diamond Spotlight #1: 1.42 Carat F SI1 Premium Ideal Round Diamond

Hey, everyone! I am Sarah, and I want to start showcasing a new diamond and engagement ring every week. Your engagement ring is very likely to be something you will have for the rest of your life, so I want to bring to light different points and aspects on what to shop for. Depending on your lifestyle and what you are looking for in an engagement ring, I hope I can answer questions and bring new knowledge to the table on a weekly basis.

The diamond I would like to present this week is the 1.42 carat F SI1 triple excellent graded round brilliant diamond. If you are a frugal diamond shopper and want awesome quality, this is a great rock. This diamond is the perfect example of a "shy" diamond; this means the carat weight is just under the standard carat weights such as 1.00ct, 1.50ct, 2.00ct, etc. This way you can get a diamond that looks like a 1.50ct for less. Other perks about this particular stone are that it is colorless, triple excellent, and has no fluorescence. If you want to learn more about this diamond Click here!




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